Zefora Alderman

Vocals (Female)

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Email: zefalder@gmail.com
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Styles and genres: Classical, filmscore, folk, rock, electronic, and ambient



Zefora Alderman is a singer/songwriter and professional film score vocalist living in Portland, Oregon.  She is a classically trained musician and studied Music Business and Recording Arts for 4 years in Los Angeles.  She works extensively with film score producers, electronic artists, ambient and acoustic/folk artists, but is also familiar with wide variety of genres, and frequently explores new sounds.   Zefora is involved in a number of ongoing collaborations.  The music video for her song “Fluid in Blue” with DeeperNET was a finalist in MachinExpo 2011 and screened at the New Media Film Festival in LA in 2012. Other collaborations include Oliver Sadie, Phil Rey (Immediate Music), producer Stuart Epps, Michał Cielecki (Two Steps from Hell), and Jo Blankenburg. She has also provided vocals for several independent film scores.

Recent Professional Engagements

- Vocal work for the Milk “Brave” TV commercial (Marc Aaron Jacobs, composer)
– Vocal work for Jo Blankenburg (working title: “Requiem”)
- Voiceover work for Digitally Imported radio (IdealNoise Productions for di.fm)
– Vocals for “Rebirth” (Two Steps From Hell)
– Wrote/recorded vocals for “The Garden” movie trailer soundtrack with Oliver Sadie
– Wrote/recorded lyrics & vocals for the “Glass Prison” movie end theme with Oliver Sadie
– Collaborations with composer Denis Delcroix for documentary music
– Wrote/recorded lyrics & vocals for Italian House producer Spada’s album “Renaissance”
– Backing vocals for 2 albums by the UK Prog Rock band, Halo

Recording Setup

DAW: FL Studio
Audio interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i4, M-Audio Fast Track Pro
Mics: MXL V63M, Rode NT1A


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