Lucian Nagy


Duduk, Bulgarian Kaval, Quena, Indian Bansuri & Shehnai, Armenian Pku, Chinese Hulusi & Xiao flute


Djembe, Congas, Pandeiro, Shekere, Caxixi, Shakers, African Agogo Bells, Berimbau

nagy, lucian
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Styles and genres:
Ethnic/ World Music, jazz, classical, Afro-Latin, Brazilian, film, theatre



Lucian graduated from the Sabin Dragoi High School of Music in Arad, Romania where he studied clarinet, and the Richard Oschanitzky Jazz School in Timisoara, Romania specialising in saxophone. He has taken saxophone master classes in NY with Bob Franceschini & Afro-Latin, Brazilian music master classes in Los Angeles with Paulde Castro. Lucian has won prestigious awards for his playing including 1st price at the jazz festival in Kronstadt in 2001 and the ‘Best Soloist’ award at the jazz festival in Hermannstadt in 2007 and 2008.

Recent Professional Engagements

Remote sessions for media composers:

Live engagements as band leader:

  • Lucian Nagy & Balkumba Tribe

Live engagements with the following artists:

  • Eldad Tarmu – vibraphone (New York)
  • Paul de Castro – piano (Los Angeles)
  • Gabriel Rosati – trumpet (Los Angeles)
  • Henry “Skipper” Franklin – bass (Los Angeles)
  • Günter Hampel – bass clarinet, flute (Germany)
  • Tom Wolfe – guitar (USA)
  • Anca Parghel – vocal (Romania)
  • Peter Herbolzeimer – composer/conductor for big-band (Germany)
  • BraziLatAfro Project (USA)
  • Orquesta Dengue (Los Angeles)

Theatre music composed & performed:

Recording Setup

AudioTechnica Endorser

  • AT 4050 studio microphones and the Wireless system ATM-350cW with ATW-3110b for live performances
  • Monitor Headphones: model ATH M50
  • Cubase
  • Finale
  • Focusrite Saffire 2i4 Soundcard


  1. I have had the pleasure of working with Lucian on a couple of projects. He is a topnotch musician, but what I as a composer found equally important and valuable is his understanding of the original composition, which enables his spot on performances.

  2. Lucian breathed life into several of my compositions last year, be it through a duduk (on or a saxophone (on Highly valuable additions achieved in no time, with little – if any – need for musical directions. An annoyingly talented musician … Fortunately his friendship lasts a lot longer than his recording sessions :-)

  3. Glenn ter Borg

    It’s hard to find musicians who play some of the middle eastern instruments. Many of the ones who live in Iran, Syria, didn’t even respond to me.

    However, Lucian ALWAYS replies, within an hour. He’s highly skilled, if he doesn’t have the instrument you want, he gets it made.

    His work is fast; by the next day, I had duduk and kaval tracks in my session. Very clean, and textured recordings that took my project to a higher level. Thanks Lucian!

  4. It was Honored to collaborate with a professional musician and flexible like Lucian. Our Project turned to be a hit and everyone was so happy with his Performance.

    The Takes Sound great and professional and he was fast and friendly and finished my project in a very short notice because of the deadline!!

    Thanks buddy and we will defiantly work in more project in the near future.

  5. Working with Lucian was a fantastic experience. Not only did he complete the project within less than two days, he interpreted the score I sent him with the utmost musicality, adding unique ornaments that really brought the line to the next level. My clients were blown away by his soulful, haunting playing, and I can’t wait to work with him again on future projects.

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